It May Be Time to Outsource Your Computer Support

Is it Time to Outsource Your Computer Support? Many businesses are beginning to reach that conclusion.

Is it time to outsource your computer support

“prevention is better than cure”


Setting up a small business computer network used to be a relatively simple affair. A small business owner merely needed a few computers, an internet connection with a cable or DSL modem, some cable connections, and the job was essentially done. The situation has changed dramatically in recent years, with proliferation of threats such as:

  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Password stealing Trojans
  • Spearfishing attacks

Hackers and cyber criminals have caused a lot of headaches for small business owners who have fallen victim to attacks like these. Worse yet, many small businesses fail to survive a serious security breach. It may be time to consider outsourcing your computer support.

To complicate things further, small businesses that accept credit cards and those handling medical or financial information are under attack at an unprecedented rate. Additionally, many larger companies are beginning to require security assurances from their upstream vendors. The need for comprehensive network security in the small business world is more important than ever before.

Maintaining an adequate network security posture is becoming nearly impossible for the average small business. If you have been trying to do it yourself, it might be time to bring in some network security experts to perform an evaluation. Outsourcing your network security and support services has many benefits:

  • Access to an entire team or technicians (rather than an individual with limited experience)
  • Access to their experience in variety of disciplines
  • Access to their experience in a variety of industries
  • Access to their experience with a variety of compliance regimes
  • Access to their time-tested techniques, tools, and solutions

Outsourcing your computer support to a reliable local IT support company means you can have a more secure network infrastructure and a better user experience. It might appear to be more expensive, but as Dutch Philosopher Erasmus quipped, prevention is better than cure.