Data Backup Services in Chicago

Experts agree that most small businesses cannot survive a catastrophic data loss event. Thom Infotech provides economical and reliable data backup services throughout the Chicago area and beyond. Small businesses rely heavily on accounting, customer relationship management, business-specific software programs, databases, and email systems – not to mention general file storage of critical documents and spreadsheets. Our data backup plans can restore your business in minutes regardless of the disaster. Business Continuity is less costly than you might imagine.


Thom Infotech has invested significant time and resources to find the best solutions for safe and secure data backup and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our solutions have the following features:

  • Regular scheduled data backups to a dedicated appliance
  • Frequent offsite replication of the backup data to a secure and geographically redundant datacenter
  • Secure encryption of the backup data at rest and in transit
  • Full monitoring of the solution to ensure that your backup jobs are successful
  • Near-instantaneous data restore capabilities via our remote support tools
  • Full server recovery to the appliance in mere minutes
  • Full server recovery to our cloud datacenter in mere minutes

Here are the advantages:

  • We know for certain that it works
    We designed the entire solution from the ground up with reliability in mind
  • We keep an eye on it
    We provide remote monitoring and alerting to make sure you are protected
  • We will deal with outages almost instantly
    Local server failures are easily addressed, usually without a site-visit
  • We thought of everything – you are protected!
    Major disasters are dealt with by booting your server in the cloud from the replicated backup images

Can you say with certainty that you are completely protected – no matter what? We can!

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