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Cloud Solutions in West Chicago

Thom Infotech offers a wide array of cloud solutions to fit your business needs. We lead DuPage County and beyond in helping small businesses move their legacy server-based workloads to modern and efficient cloud services. 

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Cloud Solutions Help Your Business

Cloud-based email, servers, computing, and phone services are within your reach and your budget. Moving services to the cloud often lowers costs and increases functionality over on-premise solutions. Your company can reduce energy consumption, noise, cooling requirements and space constraints by moving critical workloads to modern, efficient cloud alternatives. Remote worker access, cybersecurity posture, and business continuity are also improved dramatically.

Cloud Productivity

Thom Infotech partners with the top cloud solution providers to deliver enterprise-grade email, productivity, messaging, and hosted applications to our clients. Adopting cloud-based productivity solutions offers the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency – Using cloud productivity services makes it easier for your team to access their important information whether they’re in the office or not.
  • Increased reliability – Cloud services are housed in secure data centers with redundant power and internet service, often resulting in 99.999% up time.
  • Lower capital expenses – Moving to cloud solutions makes costly hardware and software upgrades a thing of the past.
  • Lower energy costs – Moving to the cloud will look great on your electricity bills! Fewer servers means lower energy bills for servers and their cooling needs.
  • Business continuity – Cloud email services continue to operate even if your power or internet are down.
  • Effortless Scaling – Cloud-based technologies can scale upward and downward to match the needs of cyclical businesses.
  • Business Expansion – Using cloud productivity services facilitates today’s modern, nimble businesses as they expand to new markets.
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Cloud Telecommunications

Thom Infotech partners with leading cloud phone service providers to deliver enterprise-grade voice services to our clients. Adopting a cloud-based PBX has the following benefits:

  • Lower costs – Many clients find that the monthly cost of the entire cloud-hosted PBX is less than the cost of their existing phone lines.
  • New features – Our cloud PBX service routinely adds features to improve the end-user experience. Voicemail to email, SMS, smartphone and PC clients, and faxing are but a few of the amazing features, and the list just keeps growing.
  • Increased productivity – The ability to make and receive calls from home or remote offices results in increased user productivity.
  • Business continuity – Hosted PBX allows you to keep working no matter what. Storms and power outages are no longer a barrier to staying in business. Your phone system will always be there.

Cloud Computing

Thom Infotech partners with the leaders in cloud computing services to deliver enterprise-class cloud server and desktop hosting. Adopting cloud computing solutions has the following benefits:

  • Lower costs – Moving an application or an entire client-server infrastructure to the cloud results in lower capital investment and greatly reduced energy and cooling requirements.
  • Increased productivity – Cloud-hosted applications are accessible from anywhere in the world, making your team productive wherever they are. Supporting work-from-home employees or opening a branch office is dramatically simplified.
  • Flexible scaling – Cloud-hosted servers can be upgraded on the fly as your needs change. If you grow, your cloud services will grow with you.
  • Business continuity – Cloud-hosted applications continue to run regardless of your local power and connectivity situation. Disasters affecting your physical offices have no impact on the infrastructure in the cloud. This makes business continuity and disaster recovery a breeze.
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