Managed Network Security

Cybersecurity is critical to businesses of all sizes. Small to medium-sized businesses are often unaware of their risk until an incident occurs. A strong cybersecurity posture starts with a Security-First philosophy.

The importance of a properly designed network cannot be overstated. Small to medium-sized businesses deserve affordable enterprise-grade solutions to defend against intruders and reduce their cybersecurity risks. Thom Infotech is a leading local cybersecurity company.


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Cutting-Edge Firewalls

Today’s network security firewalls are known as “next-generation” firewalls due to features added to the core functionality of the device. These include:

  • Deep packet inspection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Antivirus filtering
  • Encrypted traffic inspection
  • Virtual private networking
  • Quality of service management
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) logging and alerts

Why Choose Thom Infotech?

Thom Infotech believes that small business networks deserve the same protections as their enterprise counterparts. Thus, we have partnered with today’s leading next-generation firewall vendor to deliver affordable firewall appliances that include the same enterprise security features.

Furthermore, we employ the industry’s best monitoring, logging, and alerting solutions to gain a critical telemetry of questionable traffic and security events. Our monitoring and logging solutions not only give you an early warning of security threats, but they can also help you meet stringent cybersecurity insurance and industry compliance requirements.

If your company faces a cybersecurity insurance questionnaire full of difficult questions, call today for help. Thom Infotech is your local cybersecurity expert with the knowledge and solutions to help keep you safe and compliant.

Threat Monitoring

While it’s great when a firewall performs its primary tasks to prevent unwanted actions, it is also critically important to detect, investigate and mitigate threats emanating from inside or outside the network.

Thom Infotech deploys next-generation unified threat management firewalls for all our clients. We also employ threat management tools to augment the firewall and extend protection for devices as they leave the local network. Some threats we can protect against include:


Malicious software

Email Threats

Account takeover

Visits to fake and malicious websites

Security Monitoring

Malicious hackers often go undetected for weeks or months before launching a devastating ransomware attack. Our content filtering tools review the internet requests of every device on your network. All traffic is analyzed by a suite of tools to identify threats and prevent communications with botnets, phishing sites and malicious ransomware software downloads.

Additionally, our tools alert us when incidents occur, allowing us to identify risky behavior or rogue devices in your environment, mitigating threats as they occur. In addition, business owners can elect to filter unwanted websites based on several categories, thus improving productivity and compliance.

Small and medium businesses now have the same managed network security options available to their enterprise counterparts. A quality unified threat management firewall coupled with competent monitoring and alerting is one of the pillars of the Thom Infotech network security strategy.

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