Next-Generation Network Firewall

The importance of the firewall in a business computer network cannot be overstated. The firewall is the network security system meant to control and monitor traffic to and from the computer network. Thus, the firewall has always been a key component of a defensive network strategy.

Small businesses need next-generation network firewall solutions to defend against intruders and reduce their cyber security risks

Today’s network security firewalls are known as “next-generation” firewalls due to features added to the core functionality of the device. This typically includes:

  • Deep packet inspection
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Antivirus filtering
  • Encrypted traffic inspection
  • Identity management
  • Virtual private networking
  • Quality of service management

Perhaps as important as the firewall itself, however, is the monitoring of the device coupled with alerts for detected anomalies. While it’s great when a firewall performs its primary tasks to prevent unwanted actions, it is also critically important to detect, investigate and mitigate threats emanating from inside or outside the network.

Thom Infotech believes that small business networks deserve the same protections as their enterprise counterparts. Thus, we have partnered with today’s leading next-generation firewall vendors to deliver affordable firewall appliances that include the same enterprise security features.

Furthermore, we employ the industry’s best monitoring, logging and alerting solutions to gain critical awareness of questionable traffic and security events. Our monitoring and logging solutions not only give you early warning of security threats, they can also help you meet stringent compliance requirements.

In summary, small and medium businesses now have the same network security options available to their enterprise counterparts. Thus, there is no reason to overlook this critical component of a comprehensive defensive security posture. A quality unified threat management firewall coupled with competent monitoring and alerting is one of the pillars of the Thom Infotech network security strategy.

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