HIPAACare Managed IT Services for Healthcare Providers

Thom Infotech provides HIPAACare managed IT services for healthcare providers throughout Dupage County and beyond.

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Why You Need HIPAACare

HIPAACare is our managed IT services offering geared specifically toward healthcare providers and other businesses that need to comply with the mandates of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. 

Compliance with the HIPAA law is not optional. Recent changes to the rule have clarified and strengthened both the requirements and the enforcement provisions of the law. Healthcare providers, insurance companies, and a host of ancillary businesses are affected by the law and its mission of safeguarding sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI).

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IT For Your Healthcare Business

Your information technology environment is critical to your efforts to comply with the law. Thom Infotech has developed a plan that combines our managed IT services offering with best-in-class HIPAA compliance services. Thom Infotech will help you to maintain a secure environment.

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Our HIPAACare Services

  • Policies and Procedures – We’ll help you implement the necessary policies and procedures that will help you meet the law’s administrative, physical, and technical safeguard requirements.
  • Risk Assessments – A detailed risk assessment is required under the HIPAA rule. We will perform your risk assessment as frequently as required to help you comply with the law.
  • Security Training and Compliance Testing – Security training is an essential component of your HIPAA compliance efforts. Most breaches are caused by untrained employees, but with proper training breaches are nearly always preventable. Our security training and compliance testing solution will result in a safe and knowledgeable staff that prevents patient data from being disclosed or breached.
  • HIPAA Compliance Portal – Our compliance portal tracks and manages all of your assessment, training, and compliance efforts in one easy location.
  • Managed IT Services – HIPAACare includes our managed IT services program, providing IT maintenance and help desk services. Our proactive managed IT services for healthcare providers result in a quiet and secure computing environment.

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