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Thom Infotech is pleased to announce our new RescueSMB Backup and Disaster Recovery program. This solution brings enterprise-class business continuity capabilities to the Small to Medium Business (SMB) community in an affordable and convenient package.

RescueSMB boasts the following features:

  • Frequent Backups –  As often as every 15 minute interval backups of your critical business data on servers and computers
  • Full backup Encryption – The ability to encrypt your backups as they’re created, fully satisfying compliance requirements
  • Full Restores – The ability to restore servers and computers from the backup image quickly and efficiently
  • Bare Metal Restores – The ability to restore your backup to a completely new device or virtual environment if necessary
  • Virtual Boot – The ability to boot your server and/or computer(s) in minutes to a built-in virtual environment
  • Offsite Replication– The ability to instantly replicate your backup images to our offsite data center
  • Disaster Recovery – The ability to boot your server in our virtual disaster recovery environment with remote access and email redirection
  • Test The Solution – Get peace of mind and meet compliance requirements by testing your solution as often as you like.

Imagine how much better you’ll sleep knowing with certainty that your critical business data is being backed up and replicated offsite. Think of how much better you’ll sleep knowing that your business needn’t grind to a halt due to a hardware failure. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution will keep your staff productive and profitable while your environment is righted by our expert team.

Please call 630-937-1500 or contact us via email today to learn more about our RescueSMB Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.


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